AVLIAS’s Core Vision

The AVLIAS is founded on the key objective to promote integrated Audio, Visual and Lighting technologies which offer thematic and experiential solutions & experiences to variety of markets including Entertainment & Leisure, Bank & Finance, Healthcare, Hospitality, Museum, Retail & Tourism, Security & Defense, Education, Infrastructure & Facility and Transportation.

AVLIAS’s New Mission Statement
Year 2022 – 2027 

AVLIAS is tasked to support and build Singapore as The HUB for the AVL Markets in Southeast Asia.  We want to support local regional offices & suppliers to continue their sales & marketing operations from Singapore and to expand their regional coverage through partnerships and distribution channels.

With obvious reasons;

  1. More than 90% of the international AVL brands has a sales subsidiary and/or branch office and/or regional distributor situated in Singapore.
  2. The surrounding AVL Markets will & continue to grow exponentially when economies re-open and quarantine free travels are normalized.  Eventually, overseas demands for AVL equipment and technical Manpower will be routed back to Singapore offices for supply and assistance.

In addition, AVLIAS will continue to:

  • Enable members to internationalise their business and establish overseas markets & network
  • Prospect and identify overseas business opportunities for members to explore and facilitate in their globalisation ventures
  • Conduct research and survey of focused industries in overseas markets to equip members with adequate information of targeted markets abroad

If you feel that AVLIAS can do more for you and our members, please do not hesitate to write to secretariat@avliasingapore.org

We love to hear from you!

Best Regards
Secretariat Office